About Tapsule

Tapsule is about the power of telling a story and the fun of doing that together with friends. We call it social storytelling.

We believe your weekend is more than a single, beautifully filtered shot… it’s a series of moments captured by you and those you’re with, strung together in a modern day ‘time capsule’ and shared anywhere.

Tapsule let’s you capture photos, videos, and messages on your own or collectively alongside friends you invite to contribute. You can follow friends and interesting people to see what they’re contributing, and dive into their tapsules to get the full story.

This journey started with a desire to make social media more social. Our team shared a belief that social media posting has come to feel contrived and limited by a singular perspective. So we set out to help people share their moments in a way that simply feels more like real life. We hope you love it.